Fisher-price, playmobil, Little Tikes, Nylint, Hasbro, Illco, Konami, Tonka; the epistemology of search, constructive behavior, vintage, rare, collectible, auction, market, the market is where people buy their food and goods son, it’s a community place, like the diner, the bank, the post office, the fire station, the barber, the pet shop, the court house, the mechanic’s, the search engine. This flattened self, this orthographic projection, this imaged image, it stretches and multiplies; an oroborous that, while eating itself, grows outward in a single dimension, expanding through seepage, subsumption via compression. Being seen by the camera is to be seen always, indefinitely, moving into the future as a piece of the past; it is an agreement, a sense of trust, an autonomous process of self-replication, the stretching of an already infinite horizon. But the camera is no longer within the camera; it is watching the camera; it has become fundamental, it is a language, it is within language, it is before language, it is simply the way we see. It is the paper thin surface-layer of an endless landscape peeled off and stretched taut, and we navigate its topology with clicks, tremendous jumps executed with disorienting speed, without movement, a vigorous stasis. What kind of place does knowledge have in this horizontal panorama? Or, what kind of knowledge has a place here? Are there things that resist horizontality? Dough can be pressed with a rolling pin, gold can be hammered, steel melted and poured, even rocks are worn away by weather one indistinguishable layer after another. Meanwhile the night sky glows brighter not with new stars, but with our own lights. The stars fade into the void, only to reappear on the screen, in my hand, in unfathomable detail, explicitly countless, ever-more-apparently beyond comprehension. This is an image prosthesis. Not a cumulative tool-making, not a linear enhancing of a sense, progressively bettering itself by standing taller on its past. It is something new, like a child, a newborn, a mutation, that inevitably inherits the legacy before it, but compressed, encoded, transferred, transformed: a new generation, creation through loss, generation loss.